• June 20, 2024, 2:50 am
/ Dinosaurs
[ad_1] About 72 million years ago, a mosasaur the size of a modern great white shark terrorized the Pacific Ocean. Nicknamed Wakayama Soryu or “blue dragon,” the large extinct marine read more
[ad_1] Allosaurus Dinosaurs are no match for flaming hot rock. For 165 million years, dinosaurs dominated land, sea, and sky. Long-necked Brachiosauruses lumbered along like mobile four-story buildings. Tyrannosaurus rex
[ad_1] Last week, researchers from Brazil published an article in the Journal of South American Earth Sciences updating the world on the state of dinosaur trace fossils in Brazil. But
[ad_1] In the age of dinosaurs, a succession of mega carnivores lorded over the landmass that is now North America. First came the 30-foot-long Allosaurus, 145 million years ago. Sixty
[ad_1] Location is everything, for both homeowners and dinosaurs. When you’re buying a house, it’s better for your long term happiness to find a neighborhood you like that’s close to
[ad_1] A mummified armored dinosaur found in present-day Canada is giving paleontologists a peak into the eating habits of herbivores that lived 110 million years ago. Fossilized plants preserved in
[ad_1] About 237 million years ago, a tiny, bug-eating reptile hopped along the sandy riverbanks of present-day Madagascar. Standing about 4 inches tall at the hip, this little creature lived
[ad_1] Cancer follows a fairly standard protocol: Cells multiply out of control until they take over key organs necessary for survival. Creatures across the animal kingdom from humans to birds