• July 18, 2024, 10:36 pm
/ Physics
[ad_1] There are enough things in this life to worry about. Like nuclear war, climate change, and whether or not you’re brushing your teeth correctly. The Earth spinning too fast read more
[ad_1] The next time you’re about to jump off a diving board to escape the summer heat, consider this: There are denizens of the animal kingdom who can put even
[ad_1] It’s summer, it’s hot, and these atoms are going for a swim. For the first time ever, materials scientists recorded individual solid atoms moving through a liquid solution. A
[ad_1] For decades, if you asked a fusion scientist to picture a fusion reactor, they’d probably tell you about a tokamak. It’s a chamber about the size of a large
[ad_1] Outer space is a vast nothingness. It’s not a perfect vacuum—as far as astronomers know, that concept only exists in theoretical calculations and Hollywood thrillers. But aside from the
[ad_1] Humans tend to take a lot for granted, even something as simple as a breath of fresh air. It’s easy to forget how much our bodies depend on oxygen—until
[ad_1] In suburban Chicago, about 34 miles west of Lake Michigan, sits a hole in the ground that goes about 330 feet straight down. Long ago, scientists had the shaft
[ad_1] There are those who say ours is the age of the battery. New and improved batteries, perhaps more than anything else, have made possible a world of mobile phones,