• July 18, 2024, 10:23 pm
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Boeing faces FAA audit The  Federal Aviation Administration announced immediate “new and significant actions” to its increased oversight of Boeing’s aircraft manufacturing and production processes on Friday—one week after an read more
[ad_1]  Gaming gear, SoftAIT  Back in 2013, Sandeep Robert “Bob” Datta was working in his neurobiology lab at Harvard Medical School in Boston when he made the fateful decision to
[ad_1] Age-appropriate, meta announced plans to implement new privacy safeguards specifically aimed at better shielding teens and minors from online content related to graphic violence, eating disorders, and self-harm. The
in the coming weeks the coming weeks General public queasiness around AVs makes commitments to safety and transparency all the more crucial. 63% of US adults surveyed by Pew Research in
When it’s time for a snack, the miniscule sea creature known as Oikopleura dioica gets gross. At barely a millimeter long, the filter-feeding larvacean excretes and encases itself in a
  impossible 2023 marked the rise of generative AI and 2024 could well be the year its makers reckon with the technology’s fallout of the industry-wide arms race. Currently, OpenAI
[ad_1] It’s a staggering statistic: while only one-fourth of all driving is done at night, more than half of driver fatalities occur after dark. On top of that, says the
[ad_1] The Federal Trade Commission is on the hunt for creative ideas tackling one of scam artists’ most cutting edge tools, and will dole out as much as $25,000 for