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The best screwdriver sets for 2024 SoftAIT

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Best Screwdriver sets perfectly embody the adage “the right tool for the job.” These sets contain multiple Phillips and flathead screwdrivers of varying lengths and widths. Having one will ensure you’ll be prepared for the DIY project you’re working on, regardless of its scope. Fixing a video game controller and assembling furniture both require a screwdriver, but you’d be hard-pressed to find one best suited for both tasks (unless it’s a multi-bit one with exchangeable heads, which is an option). Picking up one of the best screwdriver sets will make these endeavors—and many more—much more straightforward.

How we chose the best screwdriver sets

While screwdriver sets are incredibly simple—the tools are completely analog and share almost identical physical attributes and practical applications—we found a couple of metrics to judge our recommendations. It came down to how many screwdrivers were included in the set, which impacted its overall size and occasionally cost. In every case, we recommend keeping these screwdrivers in a toolbox for safekeeping and easy access.

The best screwdriver sets: Reviews & Recommendations

Ready to add another tool set to your garage, storage shed, etc., and finally tackle that minor home renovation you’ve been putting off for lack of infrastructure? One of the screwdriver sets here will be the key to unlocking an entirely new world of home improvement or refurbishment.

Best overall: CRAFTSMAN best Screwdriver sets

Specs best

  • Number of screwdrivers: 13
  • Magnetization: No
  • Price: $27.99


  • Largest number of screwdrivers
  • Made from alloy steel
  • Price


If you want the most comprehensive screwdriver set available at a reasonable price, you can’t go wrong with this one from Craftsman. The screwdrivers in this 13-piece set range in size from 2.5 to 9 inches long and include a mix of Phillips and flathead models. The smallest screwdrivers in this set have slightly thicker handles, so you can still get a good grip on them. The handles for each screwdriver are slightly rigid, which also helps to reduce the chances of slippage while you twist.

Craftsman tools are known for their durability, and these best screwdrivers sets are no different. They’re made from highly durable alloy steel that won’t chip, scratch, or bend even after repeated use. If longevity is your chief concern when deciding which screwdriver set to get, the materials Craftsman used make a big difference—especially given this set’s sub-$30 price. The tips of these screwdrivers aren’t magnetized, which isn’t a deal breaker but would have been nice to have. If magnetization isn’t a must-have feature for you, we can’t recommend Craftsman’s screwdriver set highly enough.

Best splurge: Klein Tools best Screwdriver Sets with Magnetizer / Demagnetizer


  • Number of screwdrivers: 8
  • Magnetization: No
  • Price: $68.98


  • Wide range of sizes
  • Includes magnetizer and demagnetizer
  • Cushion grip


If money is no object, the best screwdriver set for you is this 8-piece option from Klein Tools. Its assortment of Phillips and flathead screwdrivers aren’t magnetized by default, but this set has a magnetization tool. This orange piece uses rare earth metals to magnetize a screwdriver’s shaft to attract screws. This ensures the magnetic field around the screwdriver is strong and doesn’t wear down over time. If you’re working on electronics or another object that can be disturbed or damaged by a magnetic field, you can use the same tool to demagnetize your screwdrivers. This is about as high-tech as you can get in the screwdriver set world.

For comfort, each screwdriver’s base is fitted with a cushioned grip, which makes them easier to use without gloves. Each base has some raised and lowered sections to provide a little extra tension when turning. These design touches and the magnetizer tool that’ll last a lifetime make this screwdriver set from Klein Tools worth its higher-than-average price.

Best for computers: iFixit Manta

 best screwdriver sets

best screwdriver sets


  • Number of screwdrivers: 2
  • Magnetization: Yes
  • Price: $69.99


  • Bit set includes obscure pieces
  • Magnetized
  • Includes a case


This best screwdriver set from iFixit only comes with a couple of screwdrivers, but its 112 driver bits allow you to tackle any technology repair. This screwdriver set works similarly to a ratcheting screwdriver in that you swap just the heads rather than different tools. What sets the iFixit Manta apart is that it includes tiny specialized bits that are required to open up gadgets made by popular technology companies like Apple and Google, which use more obscure screws that keep tinkerers out.

Of course, some bits allow you to use the two screwdrivers in this set to work with Phillips and flathead screws of any size. Each bit in this set is magnetized, which is particularly important because it can be difficult to find a screw that’s fallen inside a computer’s case. All of the pieces in this set are neatly stored inside a two-piece hard plastic case that stays closed using magnets. Each bit slot is labeled so that you can pick the right one out efficiently. All of the bits are made from steel.

If you’ve become an ardent advocate of the right-to-repair movement, this is the screwdriver set you should keep handy for tech repairs.

Best compact: R-Deer 8 in 1 Multifunction Folding best Screwdriver Sets

 best screwdriver sets

best screwdriver sets


  • Number of screwdrivers: 8
  • Magnetization: No
  • Price: $11.99


  • Portability
  • Covers a wide range of screwdriver tip sizes
  • Easy to store


What if an entire screwdriver set fit inside a pants pocket? R-Deer answered that question with this screwdriver set, designed like a multi-tool. Each of its eight screwdriver shafts can be pulled out when necessary and then folded back into a base that’s just 4.65 inches long and 1.65 inches wide. The screwdrivers are made from chrome vanadium steel, with a nickel plating that improves rust resistance.

This ultra-portable best screwdriver sets has four Phillips and four flathead best screwdrivers set of varying sizes. They can be used at a 180-degree angle when fully extended or a 90-degree angle when partially extended. This flexibility will allow you to use them in different applications where space may be tight. These screwdrivers aren’t magnetized, but that isn’t a standard feature, given this set’s very low price. If you want a screwdriver set that you can keep with you anywhere—or even keep in the car in case of an emergency—you won’t find a better choice.

Best budget: Amartisan 10-Piece Magnetic  best Screwdrivers Set

Amartisan 10-Piece Magnetic Screwdrivers Set


  • Number of screwdrivers: 10
  • Magnetization: Yes
  • Price: $10.99


  • Comes in a case
  • Magnetized
  • Price


  • Pear-shaped base may be uncomfortable to hold

Ironically, the least expensive set we’re recommending has the second-highest number of screwdrivers, which is one of the biggest reasons it’s the best bang for the buck. Amartisan’s set has almost all the features found in our higher-rated, more expensive sets. Each of the 10 screwdrivers is made from steel and has a magnetized tip. The set included a Phillips and flathead portable key screwdriver, which you can keep on your keyring and use in case of an emergency.

One of the biggest surprises is that Amartisan includes a clear, tube-shaped case to store the screwdrivers in when you’re not using them. Our only complaint is that these screwdrivers have an oddly shaped base, which may make them a little more difficult to hold depending on the size of your hands and the strength of your grip. If you find these screwdrivers comfortable to hold, there’s little need to spring for a more expensive screwdriver set unless you have specific needs.

You have to make many decisions before determining the best screwdriver set for your needs. Below are the factors we considered most important when researching this story:

Number of screwdrivers

When shopping for the best screwdriver set, the first factor is how many screwdrivers you realistically need. Having a bunch of screwdrivers may seem like the right move—more is more, right?—but it means you’ll have to keep track of (and store) more tools. Screwdriver sets with fewer screwdrivers will cover the most common household and DIY tasks just fine.


Some of the best screwdriver sets we’re recommending come with screwdrivers outfitted with magnetized tips, which make it easier to keep screws on them while you’re doing your work. Screws that you’re unscrewing will also stay attached to the magnetic tip instead of getting lost.


As always, our guide was devised to suit the widest budget range. All but one of our recommendations cost under $50, and most are available for under $20.


Q: Are longer screwdrivers better?

Not necessarily. Longer screwdrivers allow you to work from farther away but may make the screwdriver harder to hold steadily. The result is the tip of the best screwdriver sets dislodging from the screw frequently.

Q: What is a 6-sided screw called?

A six-sided screw is called a Torx screw. It has a star-shaped pattern.

Q: How many screwdrivers should I have?

This depends on your needs. Our screwdriver set recommendations come with as few as two to as many as 13 screwdrivers. Consider the jobs you’re taking on when determining which one to get.

Q: How much do best screwdriver sets cost?

This depends on how many screwdrivers are included with the set and other factors like whether they were designed for a specific purpose. Our recommendations range in price between $11 and $70.

Final thoughts on the best screwdriver sets

A screwdriver sets is an inexpensive upgrade to your tool supply, and it should sit nicely beside your drills, impact drivers, and saws. Picking up one of these sets will allow you to refurbish rather than replace, and even allow you to keep screwdrivers in a couple of different parts of your house, so the right tool is always in exactly the right place. A single screwdriver (or a two-pack with one Phillips head and one flathead) was not designed to work perfectly for every job. It’s better to be over-prepared with various sizes and shapes in case of an unexpected circumstance rather than having to hop in the car to a hardware store each time you hit a roadblock.

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